Why study Electronics and Communication at CTU

Study Program Electronics and Communication provides an excellent theoretical and application basis in undergraduate studies and then in the master stage offers a specialization in one of four disciplines covering electronics, communications systems and networks, optical and radio technology and audiovisual equipment, and signal processing. Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree courses of the program Electronics and Communication covers a large area of modern electronic technologies, information processing, both in terms of hardware and software. It enables graduates to gain needed flexibility and versatility that the current labor market so requires. The study of this interdisciplinary program therefore provides an advantage in the labor market, with excellent conditions for graduates.


What an exceptional we offer to our students?

  • Studying at the highest rated technical university in the country (according to the global ranking of The Times)
  • Excellent professional and technical background, creative, cultural and social environment in the capital of the Czech Republic
  • Distant study for students
  • The possibility of cooperation on projects with a number of major companies in the industry, including work on Bachelor’s and Master’s theses