About program

Bachelor study program

There is a single bachelor study program at CTU FEE called ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE. Graduates have wide and versatile understandings of fundamental engineering disciplines such as calculus, discrete maths, physics and basic principles of algorithms and programming. The overall aim of the EECS study program is to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills and give them options in terms of their future career. Graduates become proficient in electrical engineering, power engineering with extended knowledge of economics and management, software and embedded systems development, computer science, and information technologies. High flexibility of EECS program allows students to configure their own study profile. EECS graduates can start a career (not only) in the engineering industry or continue studying in master degree programs at CTU FEE or elsewhere.

Graduates get wide and versatile understandings of fundamental engineering disciplines

Option to continue in master degree program at CTU FEE or start a career right away

Master study program

There are number of specializations available in our master’s study program Electronics and communication. Become an expert in technology of tomorrow. Learn more

Start your career at the right place

We will explain necessary theoretical principles and give you an option to put theory in practice. Take advantage of our high-quality professors and laboratory facilities

Learn to analyze and process various kinds of signals, understand the principles of analog and digital communication. Get familiar with electronic components and how to use them during electronic circuit design. Master application of sensors necessary for autonomous cars, space probes and other modern devices.

Get involved in scientific projects

Join our research teams and participate in domestic and foreign projects

Take the opportunity and become an exchange student at prestigious universities we collaborate with (UK, USA, Hong Kong etc.)

We work with companies and institutions such as. ESA, CERN, Rohde & Schwarz, ST Microelectronics, Texas Instruments, O2, Cetin, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Alcoma, Cesnet, Bosch, CEZ and many others.