Bachelor’s degree

This page is only an English translation of page dedicated to EK bachelor program taught in Czech.  For a bachelor program taught in English see this page.


Bachelor’s degree program Electronics and Communications aims to provide a broad theoretical knowledge and practical insight in the field of electronic systems, communications technology and networks, audiovisual equipment and related signal processing. Graduates are equipped with knowledge how to design electronic systems, design of electronic devices and their components, and functional knowledge of the principles of electronic components and integrated circuits. He is able to controll procedures for efficient processing and analysis of different types of signals and modulation, audio and video processing, the individual systems are able to be understood as an interconnected system. Graduates know wired or wireless communication technology, and can propose these technologies, from various radio and optical components to optimize network and routing data flows at higher layers of communication.

Bachelor’s Degree provides a particularly good basis for continuing studies of master’s program Electronics and Communication with the possibility of profiling in the fields of Electronics, Communications Systems and Networks, Media and signal processing and Radio and optical equipment.